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Below you will find 2 excel calculators which you can play with (and if you wish) download.

  1. The discount-table calculator allows you to create your own discount tables by inserting any % discount rate you wish. Discount tables are a very important part of investing/ business planning as they allow you to make adjustments for the fact that the value of money changes with time. If you would like training on this topic and other aspects of business finance please contact us. Click on Discount-Table to open the calculator.

  2. Do you need a pension when your retire? If so how much will you need to have saved by the time you reach retirement age? How will inflation affect the pension pot you have accumulated? These are some of the basic questions which are relevant to any pension. Unfortunately most people do not address these issues until they are near retirement when is is difficult to make meaningful adjustment to their investment strategy. The pension calculator can help you understand how much your pension will really be worth when you come to retire. Click on Pension-Calculator to open the calculator.

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